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clinicadl Documentation

ClinicaDL tutorial

Visit our hands-on tutorial web site to try ClinicaDL directly in a Google Colab instance!


clinicadl can be installed on Mac OS X and Linux machines, and possibly on Windows computers with a Linux Virtual Machine.

We assume that users installing and using clinicadl are comfortable with using the command line.

User documentation (clinicadl)

Prepare your imaging data

Train & test your classifier


Pretrained models

Pretrained models for the CNN networks implemented in ClinicaDL can be obtained here:

These models were obtained during the experiments for publication. They correspond to a previous version of ClinicaDL, hence their file system is not compatible with the current version. Updated versions of most representative models are available here.



clinicadl is distributed under the terms of the MIT license given here.

Citing clinicadl

For publications or communications using clinicadl, please cite [Wen et al., 2020] as well as the references mentioned on the wiki page of the pipelines you used (for example, citing PyTorch when using the extract pipeline).


clinicadl is a software for research studies. It is not intended for use in medical routine.