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resume - Resume a prematurely stopped job

This functionality allows to resume a prematurely stopped job trained with clinicadl train of clinicadl random-search generate tasks. The files that are used by this function are the following:

  • maps.json describes the training parameters used to create the model,
  • checkpoint.pth.tar contains the last version of the weights of the network,
  • optimizer.pth.tar contains the last version of the parameters of the optimizer,
  • training.tsv contains the successive values of the metrics during training.

These files are organized in model_path using the MAPS format.

You should also ensure that the data at tsv_path and caps_dir in maps.json is still present and correspond to the ones used during training.


Please check which preprocessing needs to be performed in the commandline.json file in the results folder. If it has not been performed, execute the preprocessing pipeline as well as clinicadl extract to obtain the tensor versions of the images.

Running the task

This task can be run with the following command line:

clinicadl resume INPUT_MAPS_DIRECTORY
where INPUT_MAPS_DIRECTORY (str) is a path to the MAPS folder of the model.


The outputs are formatted according to the MAPS.


The files checkpoint.pth.tar and optimizer.pth.tar are automatically removed as soon as the stopping criterion is reached, and the performances of the models are evaluated on the training and validation datasets.