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save-tensors - Network output serialization

This tool allows to save the output tensors of a whole data group, associated with the tensor corresponding to their input. This can be useful for the reconstruction task, for which the user may want to perform extra analyses directly on the images reconstructed by a trained network, or simply visualize them for a qualitative check.

Coming soon

Tensor generation was not added yet to the command line.


Results are stored in the MAPS of path maps_directory, according to the following file system:

    ├── fold-0  
    ├── ...  
    └── fold-<fold>
        └── best-<metric>
                └── <data_group>
                    └── tensors
                        ├── <participant_id>_<session_id>_{image|patch|roi|slice}-<i>
                        └── <participant_id>_<session_id>_{image|patch|roi|slice}-<i>
For each participant_id, session_id and index of the part of the image (i), the input and the output tensors are saved in.